Crypto currencies present the cutting edge of financial developments. From Peer-to-Peer transactions to complete autonomy of personal assets, crypto currencies provides an opportunity for the average everyday person to “be their own bank”. 

Crypto currencies alleviate many roadblocks such as unnecessary fees, thus opening new opportunities to legally create and access capital, the cornerstone of any socioeconomic space. Blockchain technology affords many opportunities to individuals and communities who have a desire to utilize the Block chain for enrichment in ways that have never been afforded by legacy systems.


Through offering people the tools to be their own bank, we hope to inspire people to be more conscious of their participation in local economies – and hopefully create networks of their own.


The Camp will feature a number of speakers in and around blockchain instruction, NFTs, and other cutting edge technologies.

Earle E. Speight Jr – Blockchain Instructor

Kent Blake – NFT Lecturer
Earle E. Speight Jr., serves as Director of Operations with expertise in start-ups, business project management, development. strategy and leadership.

Earle specializes in supervision and execution with a solid commitment to effective leadership, collaboration and respect for the individual. Earle has worked in government and private sector in financial services, technology, and environmental sciences.

Kent Blake offers a diverse background in marketing and business support, with broad experience airline industry, telcom, insurance, cybersec and real estate.

Other attributes are his abilities to foresee future trends, maximizing in house resources and assets along collaborating with strategic partners to execute effective market share gains.



Crypto Bootcamp is an all-in-one beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency basics educational event.

Prepare to get caught up to speed with the rapidly changing Blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape from a choice selection of experienced cryptocurrency traders, influencers, and educators.


Research has shown that the closest thing to a boot camp are events where enthusiasts hold various meet-ups where “on-boarding” is not the singular focus. To this day, we have no knowledge of anything similar and this is something that we encourage. The number of people participating in Crypto-Currencies in a world of 7 billion people is roughly the population of California, Texas and New Mexico.


Teach 100,000 people how to use blockchain technology to cultivate their financial freedom.


Financial freedom encompasses the complete control of ownership of ones’ assets, freedom to exploit one’s resources at will; such as make profits, investing and charity, and freedom to control when, where and how you utilize it. Financial freedom affords individuals and any community the ability to control their socio-political standing. Having unfettered access to one’s resources lies at the heart of financial freedom, thus being your own bank through Crypto-Currencies is the next level of financial freedom.


Here are the topics that we will be exploring during CRYPTO BOOTCAMP:

  • Basics of Crypto Currencies and Block chain
  • Creating a wallet account and management
  • Security
  • How to buy and sell coins
  • Researching/Vetting coins
  • How to stake coins


“CBC taught me the basics, I took that knowledge and now earn 365% a year on my assets, my children, me and my lady can live better just by doing”


“I was skeptical, I kept hearing all this stuff on the news but once I got a class with CBC they showed me and my husband how to be our own bank, so saving is easier now, plus we earn so much more on our hard-earned money.”

-M. Lucas

“Financial independence. One thing this platform can move you towards. I’ve always been interested in making residual income I’ve even been to a couple hotel meetings but to no avail nothing ever seem to work out. I like drip because it always makes money regardless of what the market is doing and I can see that it’s making money if I wanted to I could withdraw whatever I’ve made so far but that’s kind of the beauty of it only put it where you can afford to lose it since it’s always going even when you sleep when you wake up you’re gonna have more money than you did with them when you went to sleep and since then rarely do I sleep lol  because now I’m so interested in finding out about other crypto platforms and how I can make my money work for me as opposed to working hard for my money. All in all it’s a great decision and I’m happy to be finally but part of a team that offers the support and answers to any questions that I have. Not to mention that my tub faucet started leaking 4 months ago I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything for the future to come but when God closes the door he’ll definitely open the faucet.”

– Novey