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Instructional training for beginners
Cryptobootcamp-2 TBA
McKimmon Center - NCSU
1101 Gorman St. Raleigh NC, 27606
(919) 515-2277
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Instructional training for beginners
Saturday January 28, 2023
McKimmon Center - NCSU
1101 Gorman St. Raleigh NC, 27606
(919) 515-2277
"Preparing you for the next Run..."
Abundance with ease and grace... Finally something
you can actually win at...

Instructional training for beginners
McKimmon Center - NCSU
1101 Gorman St. Raleigh NC, 27606
(919) 515-2277
Inviting all Crypto Enthusiasts!! Fun factor: HIGH Calling all
#HEX meet-ups

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Attend CryptoBootcamp2.0; Get Your Admission Here!! TBA Soon..

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CBC1.0 was "LIT"; our review...

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A guide created to accompany our training sessions.


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Live Stream of CBC-1 Saturday January 28, 2023 NCSU

Portion of proceeds to benefit The Kidney Project @UCSF; currently testing a bio-artificial kidney..

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